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So for my birthday I got a Konad nail stamp kit. I used plate m55 which is all fruit based :) it took a  few goes to get the knack of it (hence the rather crappy white base. I’m running low on white and kept having to repaint the nail when I messed up sooo I stopped bothering to apply multiple coats and then started getting it right. Typical) and I think with some more practice I should be able to do some really cool designs with it. I’m really pleased with how the two tone apple came out. I didn’t use Konad’s special nail varnish so if you’re thinking of investing in one of these I wouldn’t bother to get those varnishes. The colours I used were £1 from Asda. I’m waiting on a load more plates to arrive which means I’ll have over 150 designs to play with :)  However these additional plates aren’t Konad ones so I hope they’ll be ok


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